stronger than yesterday team call 11-16-15

November 17, 2015

another week another chat with my team about coaching and being positive. Make sure if you want to be a part of my team to find me on facbeook cameron zimick fitness or shoot me an email at


Stronger than yesterday Team Call 11-9-15

November 10, 2015

this is a listen in on what i do for my team every week as a lifestyle and fitness coach. Talking about supporting people, being motivators and growing our business


believe in yourself

October 23, 2015

Sharing a bit about my future plans how vital it is to believe in yourself.


motiavtional team call

October 13, 2015

stop the excuses

September 23, 2015

we hear all of the excuses as to why you can be fit and healthy an we are here to squash them and tell you to stop


will power and peer pressure

September 2, 2015

today we talked about how to have will power and not give into peer pressure when you are working toward your goals. At the end we also talk a little bit about college football


hydration and meal prepping

August 12, 2015

our first live broadcast today.  talking about the importance of drinking water and meal prepping for a healthy lifestyle


what we are up to

August 5, 2015

just kind of sharing what we have been up to in our lives and what our future plans are.


staying motivated

August 1, 2015

how you stay on track and dealing with the things that try to bring down your motivation



July 12, 2015

today on be your best with mike and cam we are talking about consistency and how to stay on track. a little longer one but good stuff for sure