Be your Best With Coach Cam: Tom Smith

January 1, 2017

Truly amazing story of this guy on todays epsiode. Overcoming a serious motorcycle accident to get back into running and run two marathons in two weeks. Truly an inspiration to many people.


Be your Best with coach cam: Special Guest TJ Keasal

December 25, 2016

Another brand new episode for you all to enjoy. This lady is someone who enjoys my love of nike and fitness. It is miss TJ Keasal, host of the new youtube channel fat2fit finance. Come here her story and listen to us chat about a variety of topics.


Be Your Best With Coach Cam: Special Guest David Pingree

December 18, 2016

Super pumped to be re-launching my podcast episodes leading into 2017. The guest on this episode is someone who has truly lived an amazing life. He is a former professional motocross/super racer turned firefighter and crossfit lover. We chat about the current state of training in motocross, his career, and what has lead him to this point in his life. I am excited to share the content with you all.


There is no such thing as luck

March 24, 2016

I am back with an all new podcast. My guest cancelled last minute, so this is just me sharing. A rather quick 20 mins, but still great content for you. Talking about how luck doesn't exist.


Making sacrifices to accomplish your goals

March 9, 2016

Another great episode of be your best with coach cam. Special guest this week is my business success partner, Heather parish. We share some success stories, as well as talking about the sacrifices it takes to make your goals a reality. Make sure to share this podcast for all your friends to listen to. Please follow me on social media. / Email:


Talking life, dreams, and goals

January 25, 2016

Another amazing podcast with miss emily and my wife. We were talking about just being passionate about helping others. the amazing feeling you get from doing that. Also talking about our life goals and business goals.


Talking Hockey and growing up with my parents

December 28, 2015

I finally was able to convince my parents to get on one of my podcasts. They sacrificed a lot for me growing up and playing hockey. We share some stories growing up and how important hockey was growing up. It was a really awesome time listening to and telling all of the stories.


Special Guest Emily Jederlinich; Talking women’s health and sharing stories

December 21, 2015

Had an amazing time catching up with my good friend Emily Jederlinich. She really enjoys sharing and talking about women's health. WE talked about the classes she teaches and where she works and why she loves women's health. WE also shared some stories of what we are dealing and things we see in todays world. Great content i think you will enjoy.


Special Guest: My wife. How we met, coach life, dream and goals, plus new workout program review

December 15, 2015

My guess for this episode is my gorgeous wife courtney. We talk about how we met, which is pretty damn funny. She shares about her start into coaching and how much she has changed this past year. Finally we share our feedback and thoughts on the all new beachbody program hammer and chisel. As always thank you for listening.


Digital Nomad, Dealing with negativity, plus a year of no drinking

December 10, 2015

A few great topics we touched on today. I combined my podcast with my friend noelle, and it was a fun time. We talked for quite awhile, but i believe we have some amazing content for you to listen to. Please give some feedback to me.